Paso Fino
Photo: © 2004 Tim Andersen

"...A five-piece that mixes all manners of roots music into its intoxicating organic sound. Blues, folk, old-time and more exotic rhythms find their way into the band's finely crafted songs, which are colored by superb instrumental embellishments.... Both CDs offer plenty of quality hook-laden, harmony-laced songs that have enough quirky and unexpected musical turns to make them stand head and shoulders above many similar acts."
(Mick Skidmore, Relix Sept/Oct 2004)

Should've Bought a Pony
The latest release.
Into the Cactus Plain

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1. On a Cloudy Day 3:57 Listen to sample
2. Are You Ready 3:44
3. Long Way Home 5:04 Listen to sample
4. Mercy Wine 6:04 Listen to sample
5. Wide Red Road 4:55
6. Boy Next Door 5:32 Listen to sample
7. The Stars Do Shine 3:18
8. In Your Dreams 5:47
9. This Pearl 5:30
10. Back in My Arms 4:47

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"I can't think of a more appropriate title for... 'Into the Cactus Plain.' The sound of Diana Andersen's vocals recall an empty western canyon or an open desert. This music is full of space, but ends up being more full because of it. Paso Fino has... found the right places for music and silence, a balance that is hard to make."
(Derek Schleelein, Ithaca Times)